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the core of my practice is to create art from reclaimed materials, highlighting the chronic waste of society, and pataphysical solutions to it.

artists are innovative problem solvers helping to reinvent the world, as pointed out by one of my personal heroes, the towering intellect, Marshall McLuhan.

i am dedicated to pursuing art as fundamental human communication. i create many forms of culture.


things i can do

horticulture, & foraging


i have been a professional art model for drawers/painters/photographers since 2009 with the bulk of the work viewable at my tumblog,

i have been making art and showing it in gallery spaces since 1996, when my first show, symposium of a single surrealist, was held at the Summerland Art Gallery (SAG). this gallery also hosted my 10 year retrospective in 2011. the show was titled ingenuine ingenue, and can be viewed on until such time as it is for sale here.